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PEN/OutWrite | 22nd August 2018

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Umunthu | Malawi


Dir: Mwiza Nyirenda

Curated by Future Shorts

I made the film with the understanding that the issue of homosexuality in Malawi has been divisive, emotional and its debates, Black or White. Rarely did parties, engage in more thoughtful and nuanced debates. The reasons are complex. Perhaps it is because of sheer misunderstandings of each other’s views, many not being exposed to other concepts and ideas which would challenge their beliefs and tolerance and perhaps because the issue has been wielded as a wedge in times of political instabilities. I made the film to start unpacking the controversy surrounding homosexuality and investigate the interplay of tolerance, politics and culture in the Malawian context.

Discussing the issue of homosexuality on an open Malawian platform at present is of huge importance. The film provides a sober platform for discussion of the different issues surrounding the issue of homosexuality in Malawi and it is a catalyst in the formation of informed opinions on the issue. The hope is to continue the dialogue on the issue, help in the creation of a tolerant society and eventually give a real voice to the marginalised.

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