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PEN/OutWrite | 22nd August 2018

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Future Shorts

True Wheel | USA

15th May 2015 |

Dir: Nora Mandray Curated by Future Shorts

True Wheel is part of a trilogy of short documentaries filmed in Detroit about DIY movements that have sprouted in our the city’s industrial era.

At first sight, Detroit appears as a … Read More

Umunthu | Malawi

15th May 2015 |

Dir: Mwiza Nyirenda

Curated by Future Shorts

I made the film with the understanding that the issue of homosexuality in Malawi has been divisive, emotional and its debates, Black or White. Rarely did parties, engage in more thoughtful … Read More

Mummy Busi | South Africa

15th May 2015 |

Dir: Iris Lebrun

Curated by Future Shorts

Each year in South Africa thousand of women are raped. In the province of Gauteng near Johannesburg, a single mother is trying to raise her four daughters in that tough environment.

Read More

James | Ireland

15th May 2015 |

Dir: Connor Clements Curated by Future Shorts

James focuses on a boy in Northern Ireland isolated by his sexuality, alienated from his family due to his parent’s marital troubles, the title character “James” reaches out in desperation to his teacher … Read More

The Goat | South Africa

15th May 2015 |

Dir: John Trengove Curated by Future Shorts

The Goat is a short film that was born out of research I was doing on Ukwaluka, an ancient and widely practiced coming-of-age ritual in South Africa. Xhosa boys between the ages of … Read More

Two Girls Against the Rain | Cambodia

15th May 2015 |

Dir: Sao Sopheak Curated by Future Shorts

After almost 30 years of civil war and the genocide committed by the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia is still one of the poorest countries in the world. Traditional values and customs such as arranged … Read More

Pride | Bulgaria

15th May 2015 |

Dir: Pavel G. Vesnakov Curated by Future Shorts

When I was 5, my parents lost their jobs. Bulgaria was in the early throws of transition to democracy and market economy, and many people of my parents’ generation faced a … Read More